L’intonazione nel coro

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Corso internazionale estivo di direzione orchestrale a Maribor (Slovenia)

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Summer International Master Course Maribor (Slovenia), 27th – 31st July 2009.



The 2009 Master course will take place at the Union Hall, Prešernova 3, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia


27th – 31st July 2009


In order that active participants can obtain full value from the course, each Professor will accept no more than 12 students per class, in conducting class 8. We expect a lot of active participants so please sign up as soon as possible, since the selection will be based on the fastest submitted application. The passive participation is not limited.

Methods of work will be subordinate to the timing of the course and its daily master classes. Each active participant will receive, at least, three individual lessons during the week. Active participants from the one class will be having the possibility to participate also in the other classes; trombone players and trumpet players will be able to participate in the orchestral conducting class and vice versa conducting students will be welcome to the lectures for both instruments.

Passive students are allowed to attend individual and group sessions of active students in all classes. Since the seminar is held in one place and all participants and lecturers will be accommodated nearby, a continuing conversation between students and lecturers is possible all the time.

Participants of the seminar for the trumpet and trombone should bring with them solo, orchestra or chamber music literature you want to work on and also piano reduction scores.

The age limit for active participants of the course is 35 years. For passive participants there is no age limit.

The master course will start on Monday, 27th of July 2009, at 9.00 a.m. A meeting and a welcome party with all the lecturers, participants and organizers will be on Sunday, 26th of July at 7.00 p.m. We recommend arrival and accommodation on Sunday afternoon.


Three internationally established professors will lead the International Summer Music Master Course. Active and passive participants will be able to deepen their knowledge and improve in three areas with:

Kristian Steenstrup (Danemark) trumpet

Branimir Slokar (Swiss) trombone

Klaus Arp (Germany) orchestral conducting


Kristian Steenstrup was born in 1966. He studied at The Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus) and at Northwestern University (Chicago) with Vincent Cichowicz and with legendary brass specialist Arnold Jacobs.

He has been invited to give masterclasses at Hochschule für Musik (Karlsruhe), Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London), Royal Academy of Music (London), London College of Music, Birmingham Conservatoire, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (Frankfurt), Hochschule für Musik Hans Eisler (Berlin), Staatliche Hochschule für Musik (Trossingen), Franz Liszt Academy (Budapest), Blekinge International Brass Academy, Trondheim Music Conservatory, Prins Claus Conservatorium (Groningen, The Netherlands) and the International Trumpet Seminar in Truro, Cornwall.

He has coached the brass sections of the Birmingham Royal Ballet Orchestra, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of the Malmö Opera, Norwegian Wind Ensemble, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, the Danish military bands, Band of the Grenadier Guards (London) and Minden Band of the Queens Division.

Since 2008 Kristian Steenstrup and Reinhold Friedrich build an extremely succesful pedagogical team in Sillico (Italy).

He was offered a post at The Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus) in 1993, becoming Associate Professor in 2000. He is author of “Teaching Brass”, an important source book for teachers worldwide.

Branimir Slokar was born in Maribor in Slovenia where he got in touch with the trombone for the first time. He decided to dedicate his life to music when he won the first prize as a trombonist at the 7th Yugoslav music contest in Zagreb.

In 1969 he finished his sudies with excellent results at the Music Academy in Ljubjana and then he went to Paris to continue his studies at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique. He had exceptional results as early as at the end of the first year of his sudies there. He won several prizes, among others he won the International ARD Music Competition in Munich.

As a soloist Branimir Slokar excelled with his musicality in well-known orchestras such as the Symponic Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio.

He is the professor of the Music academy in Freiburg am Breisgau and as well as in Bern. Besides his pedagogical work Branimir Sokar does exceptional work as a soloist, he performed in almost all of the countries in Europe, and also in the USA and in Asia. Due to his numerous CD-recordings, his radio and TV-programmes, he, the exceptional representative and supporter of trombone-playing won an acknowledgement all over the world and he got invitations to the juries of the international competitions in Munich and Geneva.

Klaus Arp, born 1950 in Northern Germany (near Hamburg), played many musical instruments since his childhood: piano, harpsichord, organ, doublebass, viola da gamba, trumpet, frenchhorn, flute, clarinet, saxophon and sithar. He occupied himself with classical music, Jazz, Asian music and Minimal music.

At the „Staatliche Musikhochschule“ Hamburg, he studied piano, compostion and conducting.

Since 1975 he was assistant at the „Hamburgische Staatsoper“, where he had his conducting debut in 1978 with „West Side Story“.

Since 1981 he was principal conductor at the „Rheinische Philharmonie“ and the Opera House in Koblenz, where his lyric opera „Ogygia“ was performed in 1988 for the 200th anniversary of this theatre.

1987 – 95 he was chief conductor of the Radio Orchestra „Südwestrundfunk“ Baden-Baden/Kaiserslautern.

1993 he was appointed to the chair for conducting at the „Staatliche Musikhochschule Heidelberg-Mannheim“.

In March 1999 his concerto for Frenchhorn, strings and conducting percussionist “A Man With A Horn, A Portrait of Miles Davis“ was performed for the first time (Mannheim) and has been played several times in Russia (Yekaterinburg, Moscow).

In December 2000 his Concertino for violin and orchestra had it`s first performance in Yekaterinburg(Russia) and has been played several times in Germany since then..

His quintet for oboe,clarinet, violin, viola and double bass – was performed for the first time in March 2001.

In 2004 his chamber opera „Friendly Fire“ had its opening in Berlin.

Amongst other guest conductung activities he worked regularly with the Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Broadcasting Service (HRT), at the Opera Company of Philadelphia, USA, with the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra, Seoul (South-Korea) and has conducted in most of the famous concert halls in the USA.



breathing, warming-up and technical exercises

solo, chamber and orchestral literature (interpretaton and techique)

for the closing concert of the best active participants (chosen by the lecturer) there is one solo-concerto on the programe: J. Haydn – Trumpet Concerto in E flat-major


breathing, warming-up and technical exercises

solo, chamber and orchestral literature (interpretaton and techique)

for the closing concert of the best active participants (chosen by the lecturer) there is one solo-concerto on the programe: L. E Larsson – Concertino for trombone and strings

Orchestral conducting

F. Schubert: Simphony Nr. 5 in B flat-major

J. Haydn: Simphony Nr. 94 in G-major, HOB:I:94, »Surprise«

F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Ouverture »Da Märchen von der schönen Melusine«

Stravinski: Pulcinella Suite

J. Sibelius: Valse triste

L. E. Larsson: Concertino for Trombone and Strings

J. Haydn: Trumpet Concerto E flat-major



12 participants:

Individual classes: 6 hours a day (each participant 30 min)

Group classes: 1.30 min / 3 x 30 min a day (3 groups with 4 participants – chamber music playing)

Techical exercises: 1 hour a day (all active)

Passive participants are welcome at all times.

Orchestral conducting

8 participants:

6 hours a day (each 45 min conducting the resident orchestra)

2 hours a day teoretical-analitical and technical problems will be discussed. There is also a possibility to watch a video recorded in rehearsals (all active)

Passive participants are welcome at all times.

Lecturers have the right to change the schedule and structure of lessons any time.


At the end of the week there will be a final concert held in the Union Hall Maribor on 31st of July 2009 at 8.00 p.m. The best performers will be selected in their master classes and will then have an opportunity to perform in front of their colleagues and the audience. The National Radio will record the concert.


There will be resident accompanists for the instrumental master classes available.


There will also be resident orchestra for the orchestral conducting master class available.


There will be plenty of practice rooms available at the Union Hall and in the Music School Maribor.


During the course the official languages will be English/German.



Application fee 20€

Active participants

Trumpet/Trombone 350€

Orchestra conducting 500€

Passive participants

Trumpet/Trombone/Orchestral conducting 150€

No accomodation and meals are included in the tuition fee.


1.Hotel OREL ***

One bed room + breakfast, lunch, dinner (Sun – Fr)


extra night (Fr – Sat) + breakfast 55€

2.Hotel OREL ***

Double bed room + breakfast, lunch, dinner (Sun – Fr)


extra night (Fr – Sat) + breakfast 45€

3.Hotel OREL ***

Double bed room + breakfast (Sun – Fr)


extra night (Fr – Sat) + breakfast 45€


air-condition 9€ a day


Double bed room + breakfast, lunch, dinner (Sun – Fr)


extra night (Fr – Sat) 26€


Double bed room + breakfast (Sun – Fr)


extra night (Fr – Sat) 26€


simple accomodation 130€ (Sun – Fr)

extra night (Fr – Sat) 26€


1.Send an application form and your CV to the address below by standard post:

Društvo ustvarjalcev sodobne slovenske kulture -Delavnica

Slomškova 13

1000 Ljubljana


or E-mail:


2.Deposit the application fee of EUR 20,00 (non-refundable)

3.Deposit one part of course tuition of EUR 150,00 (refundable if not accepted as active)

until 20th of May 2009

4.active participants deposit the rest of tuition until 24th of July 2009. We will ask you to show your deposit bill at the arrival to the Course.

Drustvo ustvarjalcev sodobne slovenske kulture – Delavnica

Slomskova 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

IBAN: SI56020510255712073


NLB, Trg Republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Number of active participants is limited.

We recommend to apply as soon as possible.

Deadline of appliying is 20th of May 2009.

Application fee and part of tuition must be deposit until 20th of May 2009

Deposit bill you have to show at your arrival to the Course.



The International Music Mastercourse Maribor 2009 is organized by Društvo ustvarjalcev sodobne slovenske kulture – Delavnica.


Slomškova 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia




Mobile: 00386 41 33 52 65



We can promise you an inspirational week, musical challenge, exchange of knowledge and experience. There you will have the opportunity to meet and hear other young musicians of an exceptional standard from Slovenia and abroad, and benefit from working with distinguished international artists. The Union Hall is in the centre of the picturesque city of Maribor. Although it is the second largest city in Slovenia, at the same time it is pleasantly small and lodged in the wonderful nature. Surrounded by Pohorje hill, river Drava and vineyards, Maribor offers plenty of activities, recreation and fun. You will be see that Maribor is a city with heart and soul with nice people and hosts who care for their guests with much attention.

Bach: Johannespassion, materiale per lo studio

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Memoria collettiva, struttura terziaria e significato.

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Corso di canto corale a Trento, aprile-giugno 2009

Thursday March 19th, 2009 di D.

My next course about choir singing will be the “Course on choirsinging in Trento (Italy), April-June 2009″.

The course will be in English, Italian and German.

Program and infos at Choirsinging courses at Concentus Clivi

Il tempo porta consiglio

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Le dispense per l’Elias di Mendelssohn

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Corso di direzione corale a Trento, Aprile-Giugno 2009

Tuesday March 10th, 2009 di D.

My next course about choir conducting will be the “Course on choirconducting in Trento (Italy), april-june 2009″.
The course will be in English, Italian and German.
Program and infos at Choirconducting courses at Concentus Clivi

Seminario “INTONAT” a Sinsheim (D), 27-29 marzo 2009

Saturday March 7th, 2009 di D.

My next lecture will be “INTONAT”, Sinsheim (D), 27-29 march 2009.
The lecture will be in German.
More infos at http://www.jungerkammerchor.eu/ and http://www.saengerkreis-elsenzgau.de/html/fortbildung_marz2009.html

La pronuncia del tedesco nel canto e nel coro

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Linguistica e musica

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