Haydn, Stamitz, libri paga e prassi.

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Bach Weihnachtsoratorium: analisi fraseologica

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Phraseology of the main Chorus in Bach’s Weihnachtsoratorium:

(S= instrumental, C=choir; the numbers are bars number, each letter means 4 bars of melodic-harmonic material, (if more or less bars, I’ll write it); a number after a letter means “variation of the material”, a number N before a letter means N-times that letter; at the end of the line sometimes you find the tonality of that line)

1, “Jauchzet, frohlocket! auf, preiset die Tage”

NOTE: a1 is 6 bars, f1 is 2+2+2

(1)S a b c c1 d d1 e e1 /D

(33)C a1 b c c1 f1 2f d d1 e e1 /A

(81)S c c2 D

(89)C a1 b c c1 f1 2f d d1 e e1 +One bar //D (by repeating, end of the piece)

(138)C 4z 2z 2z1

(170)S 4c3 /h-

(186)C c4 d2 e2 e3 /f#-

21, “Ehre sei Gott in der Hoehe”.

Note: b and c1 are 6 bars, b1 and c are 4.

1 6a

25 b

31 3c c1

49 2a

57 b1

61 c1

24, “Herrscher des Himmels”.

(Two parts, with perfect symmetry)

1 S 4a

17 C 4a1

33 C 4a

49 S 4b

65 C 4b1

81 C 4b

36: “Fallt mit Loben”

(# means hemiolia by the cadenza; f is a crasis of d and a)

Look at the mirror symmetry.

Section A, 80 bars:

1 St: a b a1 a1 c c#

25 Ch: a d d a b

45 Ch: a a c c

61 Ch: a d d a b

Section B, 80 bars:

81 St: a a1 c c1#

97 Ch: b b c c d1 e#

121 St: a a c c1#

137 Ch: b b c c d1 e#

Section A, 80 bars:

161 Ch: a2 a2 b d d f f

189 Ch: a a1 c c 205 Ch: a d d a b

225 St: a a c c#

43: “Ehre sei Dir Gott gesungen”.

1 Str : 4bars patterns

17 Ch: omorythmic, 5 bars patterns

32 fugato TASB 4+2+4 bars and then progression 12 bars

54 Str: 4 bars pattern

58 Ch omorythmic

75 fugato BTAS

54, “Herr, wenn die stolzen Feinde schnauben”

NOTE: c begins “upbeat”, one bar before. However, all elements are 4 bars.

(1)S a a b b c1 c d d e f c2 c /D

(49)C 5a 5a 4b b b c1 c //A

(121)C 4d 2d 2d c1 c // h-

(161) (reprise) a 4a a 3b 3b c1 c //A

(217) d d e f c2 c

Casa chiusa corale e tradizione

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Il budello di Hohmann

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Magic Doctor Brahms e prassi di fine ’800

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Seminario: “Il ’900, stili a confronto”, 7 e 8 novembre 2008 a Trento.

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Prassi nell’Ottocento: arrangiamenti e trascrizioni

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English translation will come soon!

La pronuncia del latino

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